After the release of my debut album ‘The Truth Is, I’m Always Responsible’ back in 2009 I am very excited to share with you my new record named ‘Ancient Crime’. A record I’ve been working on for the last three years.

‘Ancient Crime’ is a concept album that takes place in an old idyllic school, in a remote village in north-west England during the winter. A mixture of history, myth, memories, old and new verses and arrangements.

The album features trumpets, clarinets, church organs, Marla Hansens Oriel Quartet (from The National and Sufjan Stevens) and even a 100-headed choir, recorded in a church. It will be released on March 9th and celebrated in Ekko, Utrecht. Hope to see you there!

Ow and feel free you order your physicsl copy of ‘Ancient Crime’ right now by clicking on the ‘buy’ thingy!

or you can download it here!

Ancient Crime - Kim Janssen